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“Andrea Ceraso” ROME AWARD

“I cannot put a halt to my existence,
we all have a right and an obligation to make the best of life“
(Andrea Ceraso)


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We are thrilled to announce the fourth edition of the "Andrea Ceraso Rome Award" Composition Competition, the first Italian composition competition in terms of participants, organized by She Lives in collaboration with Eufonia Cultural Association, Imago Sonora Ensemble, and Recercare Cultural Association.


SHE LIVES — the leading European musical association for promoting the dissemination of contemporary music— is honoured to announce the third edition of the ‘Andrea Ceraso’ Rome Award Composition Competition. This initiative is organised in collaboration with Eufonia, a Roman association committed to music appreciation since 2006.
The competition celebrates, and is in memory of, the young Conductor Andrea Ceraso, who passed away unexpectedly in May 2020. In both Rome and Italy, Andrea played an important role in highlighting the music of our time. He was the first artistic director of SHE LIVES and was a pillar of the Eufonia community. He conducted the Rome Youth Orchestra and was the founder and conductor of the Imago Sonora Ensemble, an instrumental group devoted to the dissemination of Contemporary and Twentieth-Century repertoire. He collaborated with some of the most important Roman institutions in the field: Nuova Consonanza, Accademia Filarmonica Romana, Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia, and Auditorium Parco della Musica.

SHE LIVES is a non-for-profit organisation. Since its establishment it has had the privilege of working with internationally acclaimed artists such as Peter Eötvös, Lasse Thoresen and Sidney Corbett, as well globally renowned institutions, including the Solisti della Scala di Milano, the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, the Accademia Chigiana di Siena, the Accademia Filarmonica Romana, the Fondazione Scelsi, the Reale Ambasciata di Norvegia, the Istituto Svizzero di Roma, the UMZE (the historic ensemble founded by Bartók), the Budapest Music Center, the LAC – Lugano Arte e Cultura, the Festival oggimusica, the Yamaha Concert Hall Wien, the Pro Helvetia, the Contemporary Art Festival Budapest, Warner Classics, and Naxos.

Eufonia is well known to the Roman audience via many popular music festivals, such as Giovaninconcerto, Vietato l’abito scuro!, Fiato ai Fiati contro la Fibrosi Cistica! and ClarinItaly. Eufonia has also proudly hosted famous internationally renowned Italian celebrities such as Renato Bruson, Gabriele Mirabassi, Calogero Palermo, and Corrado Giuffredi. Eufonia is also highly committed to the teaching of music. To this end, it offers young musicians the opportunity to follow their musical interests by offering over thirty courses. Among I Solisti di Eufonia’s various activities, the private concert held for His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican deserves special mention.

Formed in 2013 in Rome, the ensemble is specifically dedicated to performing the repertoire of the twentieth century and contemporary. Since its foundation, it has been conducted with intelligence and passion by Andrea Ceraso. It made his debut at the Sala Casella of the Filarmonica Romana, and has participated in important national festivals, such as the Mantua Chamber Music Festival, the Play.It Festival in Florence, and in various editions of the Nuova Consonanza Festival. From 2014 to 2016 he collaborated with the Composition Department of the S. Cecilia Conservatory in Rome and was the ensemble in residence at the Filarmonica Romana. It has to its credit more than forty first performances by Italian and foreign composers such as Thanatopsis by Giacomo Manzoni, the opera Non è un Paese per Veggy by Domenico Turi and several Italian premieres such as Singing in the dead of night by Julia Wolf.
In 2015 and 2019 the ensemble performed the finalist compositions of the Evangelisti Prize and in 2017 those of the Valentino Bucchi Prize, whose concerts were broadcast by Rai Radio 3.

The Recercare Cultural Association aims to carry out musicological- lexicographic and historiographical-musical activities, with particular attention to the musical history of Rome and Lazio. Among the most important activities is the "Promus" project, focused on Roman historical archives, which offers the possibility of using an accessible online database that can facilitate the rediscovery of unpublished regional historical-musical heritage also disseminated through its own editorial activity and its own concert season.

1. The competition is open to composers of all ages and nationalities, without restrictions of gender, ideas, religious affiliation etc.
2. The competition theme is the composition of a piece involving at least one of the following instruments (from the solo instrument to the entire ensemble), including all the possible combinations (duo, trio, quartet, etc.).
The instruments available are (maximum instrumentation):
  • Piano – one player
  • Clarinet in Bb, in A, in  C (doubling Piccolo Clarinet in Eb, Bass Clarinet in Bb) – one player
  • Flute – descending to B  with open holes (doubling Piccolo, Bass Flute, Alto Flute in G) – one player
  • 2 Violins
  • 1 Viola
  • 1 Cello
3. Prepared piano, the use of electronics, and fixed media are allowed.
4. Live electronics are not allowed.
5. The duration of the piece must not exceed 15 minutes. There are no minimum duration limits.
6. The pieces may have already been performed, published, and awarded in competitions other than those organized by the She Lives association.
7. There are no style limitations. The jury will evaluate the musical quality and originality of the writing.

8. The piece can be written with a notational programme (Sibelius, Finale, etc.) as well as handwritten as long as it is clearly legible.
Prize fund: 3000 euro
First Prize (Winner): 1000 euro + performance*
  • Potential bonus Excellence Prize for the winner: an additional 1000 euro and Excellence Prize will be awarded should the average score exceed 9 points out of 10.
Second Prize: 500 euro + performance*
  • Potential bonus Distinction Prize for second place: an additional 300 euro and Distinction Prize, will be awarded should the average score exceed 8.5 points out of 10
Third Prize: performance*
  • Potential bonus Recognition Prize for third place: an additional 200 euro and Recognition Prize, will be awarded should the average score exceed 8 points out of 10.
*The winning compositions shall be performed by Imago Sonora Ensemble in the 2024/2025 or 2025/2026 Eufonia Association concert season.
May 26, 2024 (23:59 Rome time)
The competition participation fee is of 55 euros for the first piece submitted.
The proceeds from the competition will be employed for initiatives aimed at enhancing the figure of Andrea Ceraso, supporting those activities that have animated his human and artistic path, including charity activities.
Each composer can participate in the competition with a maximum of 5 pieces (first piece + 4 others). A sum of 25 Euros will be paid for each additional piece.
For clarity, the following are the participation fees in relation to the number of compositions sent.
1 piece: 55 Euros
2 pieces: 80 Euros
3 pieces: 105 Euros
4 pieces: 130 Euros
5 pieces: 155 Euros
The participation fee can be paid either via PayPal or by bank transfer:
For PayPal – click on the link below and set the fee (choose the language at the bottom right of the PayPal page – Italian or English) - This link is the only one through which is possible to send the fee via PayPal, do not use any other link or e-mail address.
Bank transfer:
Associazione SHE LIVES
IBAN: IT70D0306909606100000131702
SHE LIVES ADDRESS: Via Belisario 6, 00187 – Roma (Italy)

Sidney Corbett, composer, professor at the University of Performing Art in Mannheim – President of the jury (Usa / Germany)
Alessio Elia, composer (Italy / Hungary)
Vincenzo De Filippo, composer and conductor (Italy)

Send an email to with the header ANDREA CERASO ROME AWARD
Attach the following documents to the email:
1) Score(s) in pdf. The piece must be anonymous. Only the title of the piece must appear on the score. It is possible to send handwritten pieces but they must be clearly legible.
2) Short biography of the composer.
3) Commentary on the piece(s) (NOT mandatory).
4) mp3 of the audio recording, if any (NOT mandatory).
5) Receipt of payment or screenshot of the payment of the participation fee,
6) Application form (download it by clicking on the image in this page: Andrea Ceraso ROME AWARD Application Form
Applications for participation and the relative registration fees must be sent by 23:59 (Rome time) of 26 May 2024. Registrations and payments received after this date will not be considered. The winning works will be announced by 30 July 2024. The jury’s decision is final and cannot be appealed. The results will be announced on our website and through our social media platforms. The participation fee is non-refundable.
By participating in the competition you accept all the rules that determine it and the processing of personal data in accordance with the current European regulations.

The proceeds from the competition will be employed for initiatives aimed at enhancing the figure of Andrea Ceraso, supporting those activities that have animated his human and artistic path, including charity activities.
For further information, write to:

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