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Master class in Composition 2020


Due to global health conditions, the master class is postponed to the year 2021.
We thank all those who contacted us showing interest in our courses.
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We are very pleased to announce the 2020 She Lives Master Class in Composition!

Our Master Class in Composition became a most significant course for emerging composers in the international panorama and had the pleasure to have partecipants from the four corners of the world: Germany, Poland, Italy, Hungary, Ireland, China, US, UK, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Iran, Japan, Russia.

During the years of our activity we were able to put our students in contact with the most prestigious institutions in the world and supporting them in the development of their career as professional composers. Some of our Alumni have established themselves as very promising figures in the compositional panorama winning prestigious competitions and having their piece performed by reknown ensembles and orchestras.

Our musical association had the privilege to work with some of the most important institutions and artists in the international panorama: Solisti della Scala di Milano, Roma Opera House, Accademia Chigiana, Filarmonica Romana, Fondazione Scelsi, Royal Embassy of Norway, Swiss Institute in Rome, Warner Classics and great artists such as Peter Eötvös and Lasse Thoresen.

General Info
Period: 17-23 August 2020
Place: House of Music
Ensemble in Residence: Camerata Pelsonore, string orchestra in collaboration with Impronta Ensemble
Final Concert: 23 August 2020 – House of Music. Budapest


Professors: Sidney Corbett, Alessio Elia



Sidney Corbett / Alessio Elia
Writing for strings: extended techniques, microtonality and scordaturas.


The pieces of the students are analyzed and discussed by Corbett and Elia from the point of view of compositional techniques and aesthetics. The conductor and publisher Andreas Luca Beraldo will provide instead a conductorial and editorial approach.


Active students are entitled to attend the courses, and invited to discuss their own works with professors during individual meetings. They can also take part to the final concert with a piece written for the ensemble in residence.


Passive participants are entitled to attend the courses and the discussions of active students about their works, but they cannot discuss their own works with the professors.
Passive participants are invited to attend the rehearsals and the final concert of active students, but they cannot propose their own works.


The course is held in English.
Individual meetings can be done in the following languages:
Sidney Corbett: English, German, Spanish
Alessio Elia: English, Italian, German, Hungarian


The course provides the performance of the students pieces during the final concert (23 August 2020 – h. 19:00, House of Music).
Composers who wish to apply as active partecipants are invited to write a piece for the ensemble in residence (with conductor):

String orchestra (

6 Violin I

6 Violin II

4 Viola

4 Cello

2 Double-bass

The piece can be written for any combination of the instruments present in the ensemble, from solo instrument to the whole group and must not be longer than 7 minutes.

Scores and parts, preferably written with a music notation software (Finale, Sibelius, etc.), must be sent as a pdf file no later than 12 June 2020, to the following e-mail address:

The best pieces will be address to major musical instutions for possible concerts and have the possibility to be published by Edition Impronta Mannheim.

This year the composition master class has activated a collaboration with the conducting master class in order to encourage interaction between the composers and the performers in a mutual exchange of views useful to encourage future collaborations between the participants.


To apply send via e-mail ( the following documents:


Active participant 

Deadline: 12 June 2020

– Curriculum Vitae

– Receipt of payment of preselection process 100 € (non refundable)

– A piece written for the ensemble in residence (any combination of the instruments present in the ensemble, from solo instrument to the whole group, and no longer than 7 minutes). Within one week of submission the applicant will be notified about participation either as an active or passive student.

Subsequently and no later than 21 June 2020 it will be necessary to pay the remaining registration fee in accordance with the result of the application process:

If selected as active participant it should be corresponded:

– 480 € (if the piece is written for a solo instrument up to 4 instruments)

– 550 € (if the piece is written for 5 instruments up to the whole orchestra)


If selected as passive participant it should be corresponded the remaining 200 €



Active Participant connected with Impronta Ensemble Composition Competition

Deadline: 15 May 2020

For the second year She Lives has the pleasure to have established a connection with Impronta Ensemble Composition Competition.

Applicants who will apply within 15 May 2020 has the right to apply to Impronta Ensemble Composition Competition without paying the competition fee for the first work sent (visit also the Impronta Ensemble website).

The list of instrument for the Impronta Ensemble Competition is the same of the She Lives Master Class (string orchestra and the maximum duration of the piece is extended to a maximum of 10 minutes (there is no minimum duration).

Prizes include monetary prizes, publication of the works by Impronta Edition, performances and scholarships for the She Lives Master Class 2020.



I: 1.000 EUR + publication of the piece by Impronta-Edition + performance

II: 500 EUR + publication of the piece by Impronta-Edition + performance

III. Perfomance + publication of the piece by Impronta-Edition

Additional prizes:

2 Scholarships of 200 EUR each to take part to this SHE LIVES Master Class 2020 in Composition in Budapest as active student

Applicant who decide to apply to the Master Class with this formula must clearly declare it in the email. In this case the piece written for the Master Class will be addressed anonymously by our organization to the Jury Board of the Impronta Competition. We kindly ask to the candidates to not write their name on the scores.

The Competition gives to the applicant the possibility to send a maximum of 5 works. Applicant to the She Lives Master Class will not pay the Impronta Ensemble Competition fee for the first piece sent. Additional pieces (up to a maximum of 5 including the piece sent for the Master Class) can be sent by corresponding a fee of 25 € each. The amount for the additional pieces must be sent to She Lives bank account (see it below).

The works sent may have already been performed but not previously published.

Pieces that have won a prize in past editions of the Impronta Ensemble Composition Competition cannot be sent to this edition of the competition.

In order to apply with this formula, send to She Lives e-mail address (

1) Score(s) in PDF format. Submitted pieces must be anonymous, only the title of the piece should appear on the score. Handwritten scores will be also accepted, but they should be perfectly readable.

2) Short biography of the composer

3) Commentary of the submitted works (NOT compulsory)

4) MP3 of performance recording, if any (NOT compulsory)

5) Receipt or screenshot of entry fee payment for additional pieces (if any)

6) Registration form filled in and signed (download it here)

7) Receipt of payment of preselection process for the She Lives Master Class, 100 € (non refundable)


Winning composers must provide the parts within 1 July 2020 .

The winning works will be announced latest by 7 June 2020. The decision of the jury is final. The results will be announced on our website and across our social media platforms as well as in private emails.

As soon as the pieces are received the jury will declare if the student is taken as active or passive participant. In relation with the result the remaining part of the fee should be corresponded no later than 31 May 2020 (200 € if passive participant, 480 € or 550€ – depending on the number of the instruments employed – if active – see above).

Those who do not use the SPECIAL APPLICATION option but who participate in the composition competition without receiving any prize are entitled to a 10% discount on the Master Class registration fee as effective students.


Apply directly as Passive participant 
Deadline: 16 August 2020

  • a copy of identity card or passport
  • receipt of payment of the registration fee (300 €)



Course Fees
Active Students: 580 € (from one instrument up to 4 instruments) // 650 € (from 5 instruments up to the whole orchestra)
Listeners: 300 €


The fees should be sent to the following Bank Account

Associazione SHE LIVES

IBAN: IT70D0306909606100000131702


Banca Prossima – Filiale di Milano, Piazza Paolo Ferrari 10, 20121 Milano

SHE LIVES Address: Piazza della Libertà 20, 00192 – Roma (Italy).


Deadline for enrollment and delivery of the pieces and parts

12 June 2020 (active partecipant)

15 May 2020 (active partecipant via Impronta Ensemble Composition Competition SPECIAL APPLICATION)

16 August 2020 (passive partecipant)







Sidney Corbett, born in 1960 in Chicago, studied music and philosophy at the University of California, San Diego, Yale University, where he earned his doctorate in 1989 and from 1985 to 1988 at the Hamburg Academy of Music with György Ligeti. Corbett has lived primarily in Europe since 1985. He has been professor of composition at the University of Performing Arts in Mannheim since 2006. Corbett is an artist outside the boundaries of avant-garde mainstream whose stance is nonetheless explicitly contemporary. His music is firmly established in the international music world and is performed worldwide by leading orchestras, ensembles and soloists.

A particular emphasis in his recent work has been in the area of music theatre. He has written five operas, among them NOACH, after a libretto by Christoph Hein (Bremen 2001), „Das Große Heft“ (The Notebook), after the novel by Agosta Kristof (Osnabrück 2013) and „Die Andere“ (The Other), again after a libretto by Christoph Hein (Magdeburg 2016). His literary leanings are also evidenced by his numerous song cycles and vocal works on texts by Christine Lavant, Barbara Köhler and Roland Barthes among others. Literary influences can also be found in his instrumental music, for example in „Yaël“ for violin and orchestra, which is inspired by the writings of Edmond Jabès or his Third Symphony, „Breathing the Water“, for soprano, trumpet and contrabass with string orchestra, which was premiered by the Staatskapelle Berlin and in which texts by Denise Levertov and Amal Al-Jubouri are juxtaposed.

Among his current projects are a new opera for the Osnabrück Theatre and a new work for chamber orchestra, commissioned by the San Francisco Contemporary Chamber Players.

Corbett is also an active guitarist in various improvisation groups. His music is published by Edition Nova Vita Berlin and distributed worldwide by CF Peters. CDs of his music have been released on Kreuzberg Records, Cybele, Mode, CRI, Edition Zeitklang, Blue Griffin, Edition Kopernikus and Ambitus. Corbett lives with his wife and three children in Schwetzingen.




Described as an unicum in the compositional landscape of our times (Il Corriere Musicale) Alessio Elia is today considered among the most original composers of the new generation (la Repubblica, Universal Music Publishing, Muzsika, Radio Vaticana, Die Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung). Trained internationally he studied composition in Italy, Hungary and Germany, graduating at the S. Cecilia Academy of Music in Rome under the guidance of Giovanni Piazza. He completed postgraduate courses in Italy at the National Academy of Music S. Cecilia in Rome and at the Chigiana Academy of Music in Siena and abroad at the Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt with Brian Ferneyhough, Toshio Hosokawa, and Georg Friedrich Haas, as well as at the Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest with Zoltán Jeney. He obtained the post-master’s degree in Composition at the Hochschule für Musik Mannheim, studying with Sidney Corbett, a former student of György Ligeti.
Elia earned his PhD cum laude at the University of Rome Tor Vergata with a dissertation about the Hamburgisches Konzert
by Ligeti (first comprehensive monograph on this topic).

Guest composer and researcher at the Liszt Academy in Budapest, the State University of Debrecen, the Zoltán Kodály Institute in Kecskemét, the Sacher Foundation in Basel, and the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo, he was also lecturer in composition in 2010 at the latter.

His music has been performed in significant concert halls and festivals worldwide (Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome; Menuhin Festival in Oslo; Festival Mahler in Budapest; Accademia Filarmonica Romana; BMC – Budapest Music Center; Bartók Hall of Palace of Arts – The National Auditorium in Budapest; Levinsalen and Lindemansalen in Oslo; LAC – Lugano Arte e Cultura Auditorium; National Hungarian Radio Studios; Auditorium del Parco by Renzo Piano in L’Aquila; Oggimusica Festival in Lugano; Contemporary Arts Festival Budapest; Yamaha Concert Hall Wien, etc.).

Elia’s works were broadcast by state radios and TV channels, such as: Radio Bartók (Hungary); Saarländischer Rundfunk (Germany); RAI Radio 3 (Italy); Magyar Televízió and Duna TV (Hungarian State TV); Radio Vaticana.

He has released interviews about his music for: Cité de la musique in Paris, Magyar Televízió and Duna TV, Bartók Radio, Radio Vaticana, Dal+Szerző Magazine of the Hungarian Bureau for the Protection of Authors’ Rights, Muzsika the most important Hungarian journal for classical music, Musica +, Budapest Music Centre, and the Peter Eötvös Foundation.

His activity as a composer and researcher has taken him on a tour of conferences around Europe (Norway, Hungary, Germany, Denmark, Italy etc.), among them the most important were at:
Cité de la musique in Paris; Internationales Musikinstitute Darmstadt; Accademia Filarmonica Romana; Chigiana Academy in Siena; Canal C2 – Université de Strasbourg; The Hungarian Academy of Arts; Norwegian Academy of Music; Kampnagel Internationale Kulturfabrik in Hamburg during the Symposium “Ligeti und die Mikrotonalität”, presented by Louise Duchesneau, secretary of Ligeti, with the extraordinary contribution of Paul Griffiths, first biographer of Ligeti.

Ten portrait concerts of his music have been organized in Budapest, Oslo and Rome since 2006 (most significant venues: two times at Sala Verdi of the Italian Institute of Culture in Budapest, the first time within the Festival “Contemporanea”, dedicated to Alessio Elia, Ivan Fedele and Luciano Berio, organized by the Italian Embassy in Budapest, the second concert for celebrating his ten years of musical activity in Hungary; Lindemansalen, Levinsalen in Oslo; Accademia Filarmonica Romana, for the Festival “She Lives” dedicated to Alessio Elia, Péter Eötvös and Zoltán Jeney).

His recent pieces take inspiration from scientific subjects, such as String Theory, M-Theory, Holographic Theory and quantum physics.
Some works of his compositional output are addressed to the integration of different kinds of tuning systems in a process of developing the sonic material he named “Polysystemism”, discussed in many conferences and lectures, among them the one at Cité de la Musique in Paris.
The most significant works in this direction are Beyond Perturbative States, Conifold transitions, Traces from Nowhere and the orchestral pieces Dimensioni nascoste (Hidden Dimensions) and Trasparenze.
Articles and essays on Polysystemism have been published by the German publisher von Bockel Verlag, l’Université de Strasbourg and the Hungarian Academy of Arts, as well as the subject of a master thesis degree at the Academy of Music of the Italian Switzerland in Lugano.

Elia is the recipient of several prizes, among them the Chigiana Merit Award 2005 for the piece Luminescences and the 1st prize for the piece Rejtett dimenziók (Hidden Dimensions) in the orchestral category of UMZF 2013 (Hungarian Forum for New Music) Competition, in the year dedicated to Ligeti, with Péter Eötvös presiding over the jury.

He received commissions most importantly from Radio Bartók (orchestral piece Trasparenze
) for the ArTRIUM series of the National Hungarian Radio Orchestra; Alter Ego ensemble (Altered memories) for a project including commissions to Peter Eötvös, Toshio Hosokawa, Peter Ablinger, Lukas Ligeti, László Sáry and Howard Skempton; Impronta ensemble (Traces from Nowhere) for the Oggimusica Festival in Lugano, and I Solisti della Scala di Milano (Octet), this last released in CD by Warner Classics in 2018, conducted by Andrea Vitello and published by Universal Music Publishing – EMB.

Among the recent pieces his clarinet concerto has been performed on 4 May 2019 at the Grand Hall of the Liszt Academy in Budapest by Csaba Klenyán as solo clarinet and Concerto Budapest Orchestra conducted by Zoltán Rácz.

Born in Rome in 1979, Elia has lived in different cities in Europe (Rome, Budapest, Odense, Oslo, Debrecen and Berlin).
He is based in Budapest and Rome.




Sidney Corbett – Photo (Risa Kusumoto © 2016)

Alessio Elia – Photo (Bálint Hrotkó © 2013)