Andrius Maslekovas

ANDRIUS MASLEKOVAS (1985) a Lithuanian composer and researcher, who studied composition at Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, as well as Norwegian Music Academy. He defended his doctoral thesis on the subject of sound quality in 2016. As a composer, Andrius is dedicated to acoustic music and eagerly explores peculiarities of acoustic instruments.
His music was performed by numerous Lithuanian orchestras, choirs, ensembles and soloists, such as Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra, “Future Symphony” orchestra, St. Christopher’s Chamber Orchestra, State Choir “Vilnius”, Vilnius municipal choir “Jauna Muzika”, “Synaesthesis”, “ContemporACCO”, trio “ClaViola”, Kaunas Piano Trio, “Twenty Fingers Duo” and a.m.o. His compositions gained a certain degree of critical acclaim: “Calligraphies of the last Rays” for clarinet, viola and piano was included in an annual promotional CD of Lithuanian new music “Zoom 11” (2015), “SARASWATI MANTRA” for mixed choir was awarded the second prize in choral composition contest “VOX JUVENTUTIS” 2008, “Incantation of the Freezing Haze” for flute solo was awarded a special prize in a composition contest for wind instruments held by Lithuanian Composers’ Union (2014), “Waters-reflections-haiku” for small symphony orchestra was awarded the third price in Future Symphony competition (2020).


List of compositions by Andrius Maslekovas



“waters-reflections-haiku” (2020) (Composed for the “Future Symphony orchestra”, for “Future Symphony 2020” competition, awarded with the 3rd prize)

[2222-2110-timp-2perc-harp-str] (12’)


“Winter Calligraphies” (2016) Texts by Sakanoue no Korenori (920 AD), Oshikochi no Mitsune (925 AD) and Minamoto no Muneyuki (925 AD)

(Composed for Lithuanian National Symphony orchestra and state choir “Vilnius”, is dedicated to commemorate the twentieth anniversary since the death of Toru Takemitsu)

[3333-4331-2xSATB-5perc-hrp-cel-acc-str] (17’30’’)


“Sand Paintings” (2012) (Composed for Lithuanian National Symphony orchestra)

[3333-4331-5perc-hrp-cel-acc-str] (12’)


“Three Canvasses of Anthracite-coloured Water” (2010) (Composed for St. Christopher’s chamber orchestra)

[Str. orch.] (14’)




“Shadows of Nocturnal Canvasses (dedication to the paint brush of M.K. Čiurlionis)” (2018) (Composed for ensemble “Twenty Fingers Duo”)

[vn-vc] (15’45’’)


“Senua’s Dream” (2018) (Composed for Vytautas Oškinis and ensemble “ContemporAcco”)

[fl (doubling Norwegian overtone flute) 5acc] (18’30’’)


“Brush Strokes. Ink on Paper” (2017) (Composed for joint Lithuanian-Luxembourgish ensemble)

[fl-cl-vn-vl-vc-pf] (7’)


“Dissipating Fragrances” (2015)

[vn-acc] (12’)


“Calligraphies of the Last Rays” (2014) (Composed for trio “Claviola”)

[cl-vl-pf] (9’30’’)


“Torii” (2013)

[tp-hn-2tbn-tba-pf-2perc] (10’)


“…she who is touching blind water shadows” (2012) (Composed under commission of international new music festival “Iš arti“, for “Kaunas Piano trio”) (7’)



“A Sketch for the Rising Sun” (2011) (Composed for trio “BAccK”)

[bir-hrp-acc] [bir-kn-acc] (bir- Lithuanian folk woodwind birbynė, kn- Lithuanian folk instrument kanklės) (8’30’’)


“…While Looking at the Foggy Temple…” (2010)

[2vn-vl-vc] (15’)


“O-DOBI (Water of Life)” (2009)

[] (8’30’’)


“The Moments of White Transparency” (2008)

[vn-pf] (8’30’’)





“Rain Song” (2019) Text by Rabindranath Tagore (Composed for female vocal ensemble “Melos”)

[sa-sa-sa-sa] (6’)


“Pater Noster” (2011) (Composed for the competition Vox Juventutis 2011, for Vilnius municipality choir “Jauna Muzika”)

[ss-aa-tt-bb] (6’30’’)


“In the Light of the Silence” (2009) (Composed for the competition Vox Juventutis 2009, for Vilnius municipality choir “Jauna Muzika”)

[ss-aa-tt-bb] (6’)


“Sawaswati Mantra” (2008) (Composed for the competition Vox Juventutis 2008, for Vilnius municipality choir “Jauna Muzika”, Awarded with the 2nd prize)

[ss-aa-tt-bb] (7’30’’)


“Evolutions of Colours: Assimilation” (2007) (Composed for the competition Vox Juventutis 2007, for Vilnius municipality choir “Jauna Muzika”)

[ssssss-aaaaaa-tttt-bbbbbb] (5’30’’)



 “here-there-nowhere (Ode for Joy)” (2018) Texts by Jurga Ivanauskaitė (Composed for Menno Koller and Austėja Valušytė)

[bar-pf] (11’)


“Four Chants of the Mountain Spirit” (2008)

[mezz-fl-cl-vn-cb] (19’30)





“Splinters of Broken Silence” (2018) (Awarded the 3rd prize in “She Lives, Budapest prize” competition.

[pf] (10’)


“Incantation of the Freezing Haze” (2013) (Composed for Justinas Mačys)

[fl] (10’30’’)


“A Journey through the Inner World” (2006)



“Mandala of the Heart” (2005)

[acc] (7’30’’)


“Reflection” (2004)

[acc] (5’30’’)





“Sons calligraphiques” (2020) (Composed for Andrius Rekašius under commission by Vilnius New and Experimental Music Series “Kontaktas”)

[S.D.-tp] (12’)


“Dungeon Music” (2008)

[4bsn-tp] (8’30’’)


“Lullaby 39,7˚C” (2007) (Composed for Justinas Mačys)

[fl-tp] (9’)




There are two CD releases featuring Maslekovas’ music, the first one is an annual promotional album of Lithuanian music from 2015, available for free, therefore there is no link to purchase it at the publisher website, however it is for sale on third-party websites.


The second CD is available here:


Upcoming performances

There are no certain dates for the upcoming performances planned however, there are some events from the 2020 that are postponed until further notice due to the pandemic:


A concert of International New music festival “Iš Arti” in Kaunas, Lithuania by “Twenty Fingers Duo”, Performing the piece “Shadows of Nocturnal Canvasses”


A concert of Vilnius New and Experimental Music Series “Kontaktas”, by percussionist Andrius Rekašius, performing the piece “Sons Calligraphiques” for Snare drum and tape (world premiere). It will be broadcasted live on Facebook and Lithuanian National Radio “Klasika” station (online access [might be geo-restricted]) some time after the lockdown is lifted (original date was supposed to be December 08, 2020)


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