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Composer João Pedro Oliveira holds the Corwin Endowed Chair in Composition for the University of California at Santa Barbara. He studied organ performance, composition and architecture in Lisbon. He completed a PhD in Music at the University of New York at Stony Brook. His music includes opera, orchestral compositions, chamber music, electroacoustic music and experimental video. He has received over 50 international prizes and awards for his works, including three Prizes at Bourges Electroacoustic Music Competition, the prestigious Magisterium Prize and Giga-Hertz Special Award, 1st Prize in Metamorphoses competition, 1st Prize in Yamaha-Visiones Sonoras Competition, 1st Prize in Musica Nova competition. He taught at Aveiro University (Portugal) and Federal University of Minas Gerais (Brazil). His publications include several articles in journals and a book on 20th century music theory.

Patmos.  Opera; 1990. 45’
Orchestral / Choral
Tessares.  Orchestra; 1991. 19’
Visão.  Soprano and Orchestra, electronics; 1992. 25’
Requiem.  Orchestra, 2 Choirs, Soloists and electronics; 1994. 70’
Shîyr.  2 sopranos, Orchestra and electronics;  2003.            26’
Abyssus  Ascendens ad Aeternum Spendorem. Piano, orchestra and electronics, 2005. 18’
Cassiopeia.  Percussion, Orchestra, electronics, 2008, 24’
Ut  ex Invisibilibus Visibilia Fiant. Orchestra, 2010 (rev. 2017), 14’
Chamber Music
Etude  for Five Instruments. Flute, clarinet, piano, cello, percussion; 1984. 12’
Threads  I. Oboe, english horn, viola, piano, celesta, double bass; 1987.  13’
Threads  II. 13 Instruments; 1987. 13’
Images  de la Mémoire. Soprano and String Sextet; 1992. 22’
Kity.  5 Percussionists; 1993.  8’
Peregrinação.  String Quartet; 1995.  14’
ultimate  strenght. Saxophone Quartet; 1998. 9’
Pyramids.  2 pianos. 1998. 10’
Le  Voyage des Sons String Sextet, soprano, mezzo, and electronics;  1998-99.  32’
…there  are those who say that life is an illusion… Fl, Ob, Trpt, Perc, Vln, Cello,  electronics; 1999. 10’
On  the Rocks, 4 Percussionists, electronics, 2000. 10’
Íris  Vln, Cl, Vcl, Pno, electronics; 2000. 12’
Labirinto.  String Quartet and electronics; 2001. 16’
Adagio.  Doublebass Quartet; 2001. 8’
O  Abismo e o Silêncio (4 Songs) Textos by Fernando Pessoa. Sopr, vln, vla, vcl,  pno, hrp, tape; 2001. 22’
Le  Chant de L´Oyseau-Lyre. Fl, Ob, Cl, Pno, Perc, Vln, Vcl; 2002. 11’
Litania.  Tenor Sax, guitar, electronics; 2003. 11’
Spiral  of Light. String Quartet; 2005. 13’
Beyond.  Vln, Cl, Piano, electronics; 2006. 12’
Timshel.  Fl, Cl, Vln, Vcl, Piano, electronics; 2007. 15’
Entre  o Ar e a Perfeição. Flute, piano and electronics; 2009. 9’
Hokmah.  Clarinet, piano; 2009. 9’
Towdah.  Flute, clarinet, piano, percussion, electronics; 2009. 15’
Angel  Rock. Bass clarinet, marimba, electronics. 2011. 11′
Organa.  Six Organs. 2011. 12′
Intersections.  Cello,vibraphone, electronics. 2012. 10′
Synaesthesia.  Vibraphone, marimba, steel drums, electric guitar. 2012. 11′
Kinetic  Energy. Vibraphone, marimba. 2012. 8’
IMH.  6 percussions, electronics. 2013. 12’
Games  for James. Guitar, piano; 2013. 8’
Broken  Loops. 2 percussions; 2013. 10’
Burning  Silver. Guitar, flute, electronics; 2014. 8’
Titanium.  Piano 4-hands, electronics; 2014. 13’
Chroma.  Piano, percussion, electronics. 2012-2014. 10’
Improvisação  sobre texto Augusto de Campos. Open instrumentation and voice. 2014. 6’
6  Alleluias. 6 iberian organs. 2011-2015. 12′
Bridges  and Gardens. Percussion Ensemble. 2016. 10’
Tensão-deformação.  Fl, pno, vln, vcl. 2017. 8’
Enigma.  Cello, piano. 2018. 11’
Pulsar.  Percussion ensemble. 2018. 15’
Dark  Energy. Cello, Double Bass, electronics. 2018. 10’
Tensão-deformação.  Version for fl, pno, guitar, vcl, perc. 2018. 11’
Hexágono.  Fl, accordion, marimba, vibraphone, violin, cello. 2019. 9’
A  Delicada Essência dos Sonhos. Soprano sax, accordion, viola, cello. 2020. 10’
Assonâncias.  Flute, tenor sax, guitar, glockenspiel, electronics. 2020. 7’
Solo Instrumental  Music
Sete  Visões do Apocalipse. Organ; 1982. 20’
Integrais  I. Violin; 1986. 11’
Integrais  II. Clarinet; 1986. 7’
Integrais  III. Horn; 1986. 8’
Integrais  IV. Saxophone; 1987. 8’
Sombras.  Harpsichord, live-electronics; 1989. 13’
Pirâmides  de Cristal. Piano. 1993. 14’
Harmonias  e Ressonâncias. Organ. 1996. 16’
Crazy  Mallets. Marimba. 1998. 9’
A  Escada Estreita. Flute (alto and bass) and electronics. 1999. 10’
In  Tempore. Piano and electronics. 2000. 11’
Liquid  Bars (Lâminas Líquidas). Marimba and electronics. 2002. 12’
Time  Spell. Clarinet and electronics. 2004. 13’
Livro  de Órgão Ibérico (Iberian Organ Book). Organ. 1998 (rev. 2006). 17’
Maelstrom.  Cymbalom and electronics. 2006. 8’
L’  Accordéon du Diable. Acordeon and electronics. 2006. 10’
Mosaic.  Piano and electronics. 2010. 10’
Mosaic.  Piano, toy piano and electronics. 2010. 13’
Vox  Sum Vitae. Vibraphone and electronics. 2011. 9’
Magma.  Violin and electronics. 2014. 11’
ff  (Frozen Fred, Frozen Franz, Frozen Ferenc). Piano. 2012-2016. 12’
Rust.  Viola and electronics. 2014. 8’
Hû  yeshûphekâ rô’sh. Organ. 2015. 12’
Heavy  Metals. Bassoon and electronics. 2016. 9’
Derivative  I. Violin. 2017. 8’
Full  Moon. Trombone. 2018. 7’
Mercury.  E-flat clarinet, electronics. 2018. 9’
Singularity.  Cello, electronics. 2019. 10’
Kontrol.  Percussion, electronics 2019. 9’
Bass  on Fire. Doublebass, electronics, video. 2020. 7’
City  Walk. Percussion. 2020. 10’
Tape / Electroacoustic  Music
Psalmus.  1986. 13’
Canticum.  1987. 13’
A  Cidade Eterna. 1988. 15’
Triptico.  1991. Music for the museum of Fine Arts of Ghent (Belgium). 15’
Atlas.  1998. Music for the Pavillion of the Future at the World Exhibition EXPO 98.  10’
Rumo  ao Futuro; 1998. Music for the Pavillion of the Future at the World  Exhibition EXPO 98. 15’
Mahakala  Sadhana; 1999. 10’
Et  Ignis Involvens; 2005. 10’
‘Aphâr;  2007. 11’
Hydatos;  2008. 12’
Neshamah;  2015. 10’
La  Mer Émeraude. 2018. 11’
N’vi’ah.  2019. 12’
Hydatos;  2008 – 2013. 13’
Et  Ignis Involvens; 2005 – 2014. 11’
‘Âphâr;  2007 – 2015. 10’
Neshamah;  2016. 10’
Petals;  2016. 10’
In  Tempore; 2016. 11’
Tesseract;  2017. 9’
Storms;  2018. 9’
Things  I have Seen in My Dreams. 2019. 11’
Music for Public  Spaces
Tríptico;  1991. 15’
Silence  to Light; 1993. 12’
Observatório  dos Oceanos; 1998. 15’
Azul  Profundo; 1998. 15’
Atlas;  1998. 15’
Rumo  ao Futuro; 1998. 15’
Short Works
Bagatela.  Piano. 1995. 3’
Looking  Into the Mirror. Piano and electronics. 2003. 1’
Torre  de Névoa. Piano and Soprano. Poems by Florbela Espanca. 2006. 3’
The  Fifth String. Violin and electronics. 2007. 2’
A  Tre. Piano 4 hands and electronics. 2008. 2’
Jet.  Flute and electronics. 2015. 2’
The  Fifth String II. Viola and electronics. 2015. 2’
Saxtronic.  Saxophone and electronics. 2018. 3’
Commissioned works
-European  Community Youth Orchestra (UK)
Threads  II
-Calouste  Gulbenkian Foundation (Portugal)
Threads  I
Et  Ignis Involvens
Abyssus  Ascendens ad Aeternum Splendorem
-Sudwest  Rundfunk Studio Freiburg (Germany)
Angel  Rock
-Orquestra  Sinfonica Arturo Toscanini (Italy)
-Centro  Cultural de Belém (Portugal)
Ut  Ex Invisibilibus Visibilia Fiant
-Commande  dÉtat (France)
Images  de la Mémoire
-Watari  Museum of Contemporary Art (Japan)
Silence  to Light
-Institut  de Musique Electroacoustique de Bourges
Time  Spell
-Sextuor  à Cordes de l’Artois (France)
-Contemporary  Music Society of Barcelona (Spain)
-Mixtur  Festival (Spain)
-Trio  Mediterrain(Germany)
-Inhotim  Art Center (Brazil)
IMH  (In Memoriam Harvey)
-Ministry  of Culture (Brazil)
-Ministry  of Culture (Portugal)
A  Escada Estreita
Games  for James
-Teatro  Nacional S. Carlos (Portugal)
there  are those who say that life is an illusion
-Association  Art and Culture of Seia (Portugal)
Heavy  Metals
-Viseu  Conservatory
-Comissão  dos Descobrimentos (Portugal)
Le  Voyage des Sons
-Matosinhos  City Hall (Portugal)
Pirâmides  de Cristal
5  Schubert Lieder (Orchestration)
Harmonias  e Ressonâncias
ultimate  strenght
Lâminas  Líquidas
-Vila  Nova de Gaia City Hall (Portugal)
In  Tempore
-Society  Lisbon 1994 (Portugal)
-Escola  Profissional de Espinho (Portugal)
-EXPO  98 – Worls Exhibition (Portugal)
Rumo  ao Futuro
Azul  Profundo
Observatório  do Oceano
-Remix  Ensemble (Portugal)
Le  Chant de L’Oyseau-Lyre
-Fátima  Sanctuary (Portugal)
Hû  yeshûphekâ rôsh
-Cultural  Center of Belém (Portugal)
On  the Rocks
-Festival  de Leiria (Portugal),
-Festival  de Música Sacra de Viana do Castelo
-Festival  de Alcobaça (Portugal),
Spiral  of Light
-Conservatory  of Viseu (Portugal)
-Contemporary  Chamber Music Group of Lisbon
O  Abismo e o Silêncio
-Casa  da Música Porto (Portugal)
-Arte  no Tempo Association (Portugal)
City  Walk
-Ibermúsicas  (South America)
–  Musicamera (Portugal)
Dark  Energy
Light  Particles
 Monographic CDS
Duo Sigma  Interprets João Pedro Oliveira. CD Minas de Som. 2019
 Piramides de Cristal (complete piano music), Cd mpmp 2019
 On Clarinet – Clarinet Works by João Pedro Oliveira. 2019
 Mosaic – Works by João Pedro Oliveira. Editions mpmp. 2013
 Labyrinth – works by João Pedro Oliveira. Classic Concert Records. 2012
 Entre o Ar e a Perfeição – Oficina Música Viva toca João Pedro Oliveira.  FAE. 2011 Maelstrom – works by João Pedro Oliveira. Phonedition, 2010
 João Pedro Oliveira: Electronic and Computer Music, CD Num 1011.
 João Pedro Oliveira: Compositions for EXPO 98. CD Num 1054.
 In Omni Tempore – works by J. P. Oliveira. CD Num 1122.
 Peregrinação, Harmonias e Ressonâncias, 5 Schubert Lieder. CD Num  1088.Link to covers and information:
Other Cds:
 Spiral of Light in Arditti Quartet plays portuguese chamber music. Etceterea  KTC 1399. 1999. Peregrinação in Arditti Quartet plays portuguese chamber  music. Etceterea KTC 1242. 2010.
 Bagatela. In “Album de Colien. Musica Portuguesa e Espanhola do Séc. XX”. CD  Honneger, 1995. Bagatela. In “Música Portuguesa para Piano”, CD Num 1086,  1999
 Pirâmides de Cristal. In “Música Portuguesa do Séc. XX”. CD Num 1053, 1996
 Pirâmides de Cristal. In “Música Portuguesa para Piano – anos 90”, CD Num  1097, 2001.
 A Escada Estreita. In “Nova Música Para Flauta”, CD Num 1095, 2001
 Crazy Mallets. Portuguese Music for Percussion. CD Deux-Elles. 2002.
 Labirinto. In Cultures Electroniques no 16. CD Mnemosyne. 2002
 In Tempore. Contemporary Portuguese Music. CD Num 1123 2004.
 Mahakala Sadhana. In “Electronic Music Vol. I and 2”, Miso Records mcd  013/014.04, 2004.
 Kyti. In “Nova Música de Câmara Portuguesa”. CD Num 1121 2004.
 In Tempore. In “Música Maximalista”. CD Panaroma. 2004.
 Alap-jor-jhala-gat. In “Nova Música de Câmara Portuguesa”. CD Num 1121  2004.
 In Tempore. In “Música Maximalista”. CD Panaroma 199.017.216. 2004
 Lâminas Líquidas (excerto). In Exploratory Music from Portugal. Fundação  Calouste Gulbenkian. 2005 Looking Into the Mirror. In Spectrum 4. Associated  Board of the Royal Schools of Music. 2005
 Et Ignis Involvens. Confluencias CD. Junta de Andaluzia. 2005
 Beyond. In Trio Mediterrain. Música Contemporânea Portuguesa. Classic  Concert Records. 2006
 Time Spell. In “Música Maximalista”. CD Panaroma. 2006
 Et Ignis Involvens. In “Métamorphoses 2006”. CD Musiques-recherches. 2006
 Looking into the Mirror. In Spectrum 4. ABRSM editions. 2006
 Space Marimba. In Improbable Transgressions. Pedro Carneiro. SIRR Records.  2006
 Espiral de Luz. In Contemporanea 2006 Interensemble. CD Udine Cultura. 2007
 Beyond. In Cultures Electroniques no 20. CD Mnemosyne. 2007
 Maelstrom. In Musica Contemporânea Portuguesa. CD Num 1156. 2008
 ZZaping. In Crossover Project. CD Num 1189. 2008
 Beyond. In Cultures Electroniques no 20. CD Mnemosyne. 2008
 Timshel. In Sound’Arte Electric Ensemble. Miso Records. 2008
 Integrais II. In Nuno Pinto clarinete solo. 2009
 Entre o Ar e a Perfeição. Phonedition Records. 2010
 Quasars Ensemble (Slovakia). Pyramids for 2 pianos. 2011
 Miso Music CDs. Time Spell, In Tempore. 2011
 Fados CD. Games for James. 2014
 CD BassXXI. Adagio. 2014
 La Ma de Guido CD. GMCL. O Abismo e o Silêncio. 2014
 Machina Lyrica CD. Burning Silver. 2014
 Music for Viola and Electronics. Rust. 2014
 Sonoridades. Music for piano by Belo Horizonte composers. Selo de Minas.  2016. In Tempore; Mosaic.
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